Expert Foundation Repair

Crown Foundation & Concrete Raising has been helping thousands of customers with cracking foundations, uneven settling, and many more foundation problems since 1987. We’ve seen it all and are ready to lend our expertise and experience to your job.

Foundation damage to your building or home can cause you both immediate and future issues. A weak, damaged foundation can make your structure unsafe. Later on down the line, it can hurt the resale value of your residential or commercial property. It’s important to know what causes a weak foundation, so you can evaluate your structure to keep residents or guests safe.

What Causes A Weak Foundation?

Weak foundation issues generally arise from two main causes: soil and water. More specifically, foundation problems are created by these factors:

  • Poorly prepped foundation soil

  • Water saturation and evaporation

  • Poor drainage

  • Improperly installed rain gutters

  • Plumbing leaks

Is My Foundation Failing?

If your foundation is failing in your home or business there are usually a few signs:

  • Windows and doors stick or are difficult to close.

  • Cracks appear in Sheetrock above doors or windows.

  • Moldings twist or pull away from the structure.

  • Cracks in bricks on exterior walls appear.

  • Gaps around window frames, or between exterior doors
    and brick appear.

  • Floors settle.




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