Foundation Repair FAQ

Q: Does my foundation need repair?

You should have your foundation inspected if you suspect your foundation might need repair. A few signs of a foundation in need of repair are:

  • Windows and doors stick or are difficult to close.

  • Cracks appear in Sheetrock above doors or windows.

  • Moldings twist or pull away from the structure.

  • Cracks in bricks on exterior walls appear.

  • Gaps around window frames, or between exterior doors
    and brick appear.

  • Floors settle.

Q: What causes foundation problems?

Foundation damage is typically caused by:

  • Water damage or erosion

  • Tree roots

  • Soil expansion and contraction

  • Improper site preparation before building.

Q: Will installing piers prevent the sale of my home?

No. In our experience doesn’t affect the homeowner's ability to sell the home. In fact, we would argue that piering installed by a reputable company such as Crown Foundation & Concrete Lifting should be attractive to home buyers, as it signals that necessary work has already been done and future repairs are unlikely.

Q: How will foundation repair affect my landscaping?

Our goal is to leave your property better than when we arrived. We try to design our solutions around your landscaping; if we cannot work around your plants we are happy to remove, store, and replace them when we’ve completed your pier installation.

Q: How much will foundation repair cost?

Without a thorough inspection it is impossible to give an estimate; however, our rates are competitive.

Q: Why should I choose Crown Foundation & Concrete RAISING for my foundation repairs?

We’ve been serving Arkansas, Kansas, North Texas, and Oklahoma since 1987. We have serviced thousands of satisfied customers, building a stellar reputation as an industry leader in the process. At Crown Foundation & Concrete Lifting, we are experts in foundation piering, pressure grouting, and drainage systems; we are uniquely able to design the best solutions to fit your foundation problems.

Q: How long should I expect my foundation repair to take?

Depending on the complexity of the job, a foundation repair could take as little as a single day.

Q: How much do you charge for an inspection?

Our estimates and inspections come with no cost and no obligation.

Q: How do I schedule my inspection?

You can call our office at (405) 721-5155 or contact us to have a Crown Foundation & Concrete Lifting representative reach out to you to schedule your estimate.


Q: What is concrete RAISING?

Concrete raising is the raising and leveling of concrete slabs with cementitious grout injected beneath the slab, floating it into place.

Q: Where is concrete RAISING an option?

Raising is an option with most settled or uneven slabs in good condition. It is most commonly applied to:

  • Driveways

  • Sidewalks

  • Patios

  • Pool Decks

  • Interior floors

  • Factory floors

  • Streets & Bridges

  • Curbs

Q: Why should I choose concrete RAISING over slab replacement?

There are many advantages to choosing concrete raising over replacement.

  • It’s fast

    • Concrete raising projects take hours, not days.

  • It’s convenient

    • Concrete raising can be scheduled around your needs.

    • In most applications, the leveled surface can be used within just a few hours.

  • It’s environmentally friendly.

    • Concrete raising generates far less waste than replacing your slab.

Q: Do you charge for inspections?

No, there’s no cost or obligation when you have your foundation inspected by Crown Foundation & Concrete Raising.

Q: How do I schedule an inspection?

You can call our office at (405) 721-5155 or contact us to have a Crown Foundation & Concrete Raising representative reach out to you to schedule your estimate.